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By renting the house you have access to the ground floor kitchen, dining room and living room. There is a fireplace in the dining room, the walls are made of exposed brick and limestone, a common building material in Old Quebec.  

A flight of stairs leads to the second floor guest rooms: three rooms with a view of the river, three complete bathrooms and a small lounge. Air conditioning is available on this floor. The first floor of the house is not accessible for rent. 


Rental 6 persons or less

605$ CDN/day + taxes .

From December 20th 2022 to January 6th 2023 705$ CDN/day + taxes.


Additional charge of $120 for cleaning at the end of your stay.

Amenities & Services 

Free Wi-Fi access. Fully equipped kitchen. TV in the living room. Washer and dryer. Access to the garden. Free parking.

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